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The emotional power of color and movement is clearly captured throughout Dana Hilty's abstract paintings and mixed media art. Color harmonies, use of space, and rhythmic lines converge and connect with memories of the artist's past. Her imagery is both lyrical and calligraphic, recalling foreign places and cultures. The "alla prima" technique suggests spontaneity through the use of daring color combinations. Spatial depth and intentional ambiguity are created through controlled color variation, playful marks and implied lines.

Dana's work incorporates her own interpretation of well managed colors and patterns, while paying homage to the works of Henri Matisse, Helen Krankenthaler, Jackson Pollack, Wassily Kandinsky and Hasegawa Tohaku. 

Dana is a graduate of Florida State University with a B.Sc. in Interior Design. In 1990 Dana spent a semester studying art history and drawing in Florence, Italy. After graduating, her subsequent seven years were with a highly regarded Internationally recognized Home furnishings company. As a highly respected Commercial Designer, she worked in the Company's Store Planning Department Designing & Merchandising new retail store locations both in the US and Internationally. Later, as a Merchandise Manager, Colorist and Designer of the company's Area Rug Department, she traveled to Europe and India to develop exclusive Rug Designs.

In 1998, Dana moved to Singapore. She travelled extensively to nearby Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia experiencing their diverse communities. Exposure to the art, architecture, and terrain of these countries visibly influenced her painting style and technique.  

In 2000 she moved back to the US to live in NYC and then Connecticut. Her artwork was shown in satellite galleries and exhibitions in Connecticut, and sold to both residential and corporate clients.    

Later in 2013, Dana relocated to England and spent the next four years inspired by her surroundings both in London and in the beautiful landscapes of Surrey. Her visits to neighboring European cities and her fascination with their history and unique beauty have further influenced her creative expression. 

In August of 2018 Dana moved back to Singapore. She continues to explore and creatively interpret her daily exposure to Asian culture and it's colorful and immensely interesting heritage.

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