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I have always felt an emotional connection to color and texture. As a former Colorist and Interior Designer, my focus was to incorporate these two elements into my designs. Extensive travel has provided exposure to diverse cultural arts, architecture, and landscape subsequently influencing my use of color, texture, line and space.

My paintings are influenced by my past and present experiences but not limited to them. Technique and tools vary. My tools range from traditional paintbrushes and palette knives to the non-traditional use of sponges, sticks, sandpaper, and other miscellaneous items. I often apply the paint directly "alla prima" but at times I premix my paints before applying to the canvas. Color combinations are thoughtfully chosen to convey a particular mood or tone.

My continued interest in texture has led to a series of paintings incorporating the use of collage and mark making. The element of time is evident in my paintings. Each painting is created through applying multiple layers of paint then using a subtractive process to remove paint layers to add textural interest. This process imposes a sense of depth and spatial ambiguity.

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